2010 / June


Workshop with students of the college "Tadeusz Kosciusko" in Lobzenica/Poland. Theme: The understanding and creating of landart. My thanks go to Gabriela Kwiatkowska for organizing and translating this workshop.
2010 / April-July


Co-adviser at the landart-seminar "Landart between rigour and ecology" at the university Marburg/Germany (history of art), directed by Dr. Harald Kimpel
2006 / June


Landart-Conferenc 15-18. june in Lichtenfels (Germany)
Theme: The disappearance of the dualistic ego, realized with the elements of landart: rock, stones, sea (the project YOGOZEN 2006 in Japan)
2005 / January


University Kassel (Germany), seminar Prof. Dr. Ewald Rumpf,
theme: Landart and Religion - How to render religions formulations as landart-projects.
2004 / October


Evangelische Akademie Hofgeismar (Hesse),
theme: Landscape as a medium.
2003 / March


Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium Homberg (Hesse),
theme: Minimal landart-projects
2002 / October


Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo (Egypt), lecture together with my landart - performances "WASSER - www",
theme: Landscape as a stage
2001 / November


"Global Village" congress of the University Witten - Herdecke,
theme: Art in the Landscape (lecture and workshop)
1999 / December


Technische Universität München / Weihenstephan (Germany), faculty of landscape architecture, theme: Sign and landscape
1999 / July


University St. Louis / Potosie (USA)
theme: Sculptering the earth - The human intention to shape nature.
1999 / July


Internationales Haus Sonnenberg, St. Andreasberg (Germany),
Europäisches Künstlerpleinair - Mons Solis,
theme: Landscape as a medium - from the idea to the project
1988 / May


Novel: "Die Bleiarche" (The ask of lead), Galerie Verlag Amöneburg 1988.
The novel describs my proposal of an art-project for the Documenta VIII in Kassel (Germany), set to music by the composer Roswitha Aulenkamp (Kassel) in the composition "The Pyramid" (1989, new version 2004)
On 30th of October 1992 is was sent (on microfilm) with a rocket into space.


Copyright 2005   H-J Bauer