2010 / July


The destiny of our universe sprayed on a crash-barrier (55 meters) with colours, symbols and letters. Place: in front of the ruins of the Hohenberg-castle (Homberg/Efze/Germany

2010 / July


"ALLESERDE (Allearth)"
Installation presented at the group-exhibition "Art in Marburg 2010", organized by the Marburger Kunstverein
2009 / September


"MOTHER-CHILD-FATHER " (Gentechnology)
Installation, 59x34x51 cm; wood, soil, other materials, DNA. Created during the meeting of artists "Malva 2009" in Luchowo (Poland)
2009 / August


Djareware the godfather of the aborigine-clan "Wild Honey" sang the world into its existence: the land, mountains, rivers, birds, trees.Djareware´s world has been covered by the western culture. The photos were taken in the area of Central-Australien (Alice Springs) Many thanks to the Strehlow-Research-Center in Alice Springs for their help.
 Djareware gave them a stone-axe and a spear
 He created the trees und the honey-bird
 He splitted the earth`s surface and the rivers came out
2008 / June


"TITANIC 3"(Installation)
Composition: notice-boards and a deck-chair on the TITANIC. Artfield Homberg-Mardorf (Germany)
2008 / June


The art-object (20x8 m)made out of round hay-balls presents one segment of the human genom, with the outer-structure and the four basic compounds. The "DNA" was a contribution to the exhibition " To follow the track of nature", organized by the Minister of Hesse (environment) in Homberg/Efze, Germany

2007 / December


A sculpture made out of small pieces of rock found on the ground (12x5x0,5 meters). The brand of the Hermann Eberhard family of the Puerto Consuelo farm, Patagonia/Chile. My thanks go to Johny Mc Lean of the Soc.Comercial Industrial for his support of this project.
maple-tree leaves.
2005 / April


Memorial for my dog BODO (1991 - 2005), a ship made out of blue basal to be driven by a sail of
maple-tree leaves.
2002 / November


"Kryonic Tango"  (installation)
In the year 2032 the frozen heads of John and Helen are reanimated.
With the support of brainscanning-programmes, they are able to communicate.
The spectators can see, what they are just thinking.

2002 / June


"Mea Culpa"
Steel - sculpture on a rock, pope Johannes Paul II apologizes for the crimes commited by the Catholic Church.
A project for ARS NATURA walking-path, Felsberg-Hesslar (Germany)

2000 / April


"Bimbes 2000"  (Money 2000)
Politics and corruption, an object for an exhibition at the parliament of Hesse in Wiesbaden/Germany


2000 / April


"Taistelu"  (Fight)
Object for the art-exhibition "Blue appears in space" at the Taidemuseo, Kuovola/Finland.
Was destroyed soon after it had been finished.

1997 / July


"00396982"  (Telephonnumber of the Vatican in Rom)
Wooden object: a gallowcross/crossgallow presented beside a busy road near
Mardorf/Germany, was burned down and destroyed 1998.
Exhibited: (in pieces): "Christus 2000" Reformationskirche Homberg/Germany an in other churches.



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