2018 / February  


From Hans-Joachim Bauer (Idea, concept) and Aloysius (technics).
The Quantum- Computer works on the basis of manipulated photons (light).
He is asked a question which will be answered.
1. activity: 1.2.2018 in the fitness-studio NO LIMITS.
Object: a man, Timo.
Timo is asking: when will I be immortal.
The computer answers: Change 0 or 1 into 0 equals 1.

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2016 / August  


The people of Israel dance around the golden calf, germany drives around the golden cow.

2011 / September  


A contribution to the city´s history.An installation of nine concrete figures and a pair of swimming goggles was installed by divers of the Tauch- und Wassersportverein Homberg/Efze on the bottom of the Homberg swimming pool Erleborn. My thanks go to Peter Kirchner and Jürgen Rothauge for transporting the installation, to Dennis Woede for taking underwater photos and to Judith Stark and Marc Noel for the technical assistance.

2007 / December  
  "EN EL CEMETERIO DE LOS TEMPANOS"(In the cemetery of ice)
A performance at the Serrano glacier in the Parque National Bernardo O´Higgins, Patagonia/Chile. My thanks go to the Alvarez family and their touristic enterprise “21 de Mayo” for their generous support of this project.

2007 / Febuary  
Photos of a tango-dancing couple in different places in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Supported by TV-TANGOCITY.
2006 / July  
Part of the spray-project :History under your feet (working together with Sebastin Severin)in Homberg (Germany) :People watch, read,passing over it and carry the history of the Freiheit (freedom) away on their soles.
2005 / September  
  "ERDGEBURT" (soil - born)
From the mud into the sun (in corperation with Hiltraud Peterová, Foto Peterová) Borken-Gombeth (Germany)
2005 / July  


"DORFGESICHT" (Face of the village)
The inhabitants of Madorf (a small village) "portray" themselves. They are mouth and eyes, other parts of the face consist of objects of their daily use: animals, machinery, cars and fruits.

2004 / July  


"Kampf um Mattium" (Fight for Mattium)
Performance with pigeons and airplanes high above the Mardorf Artfield, Homberg Mardorf (Germany)


2002 / October  


"Wasser - www" (water - www)
Landart - Happening in the Lybian Dessert near Sakkara / Egypt. The hieroglyphe water was formed out of human bodies. The hieroglyphe intonates its own sound and finally it turns itself into www. 
The action was supported by DEO (The German Highschool) in Kairo. Project-Information: 

2002 / August  


"Die Himmelfahrt des Denkenden Tieres" (The ascension of the Thinking Animal)
Performed in 5 living images by 200 children, women, men and animals by the village of Mardorf (Germany).
Videod by Michael Aschenbrenner.



2001 / September  


"11. September 2001"
A silent demonstration in form of a peace-sign with 1000 students and pupils of two schools, organized in cooperation with the Student´s Administration of the vocational school Ziegenhain/Germany.



2001 / August  


"Cicak-Happening"  (Lizard-Happening)
Light-object in a village of the Toba Batak tribe in Tomok/Indonesia, working together with Adam and Sander.


1999 / October  


"Kreuzwege"  (Crossways)
A (pictured) performance with students of the King´s Academy of Art in Phnom Penh/Cambodia.
Exhibited: Textilmuseum Bramsche-Osnabrück/Germany 2000



1997 / März  


"Gen Performance"
Light-installation on top of a Mexican pyramide in Jihuhingo/Mexico, supported by Casa de Cultura Tepeapulco/Mexico, working together with Peterova, Sander and Adam.
Presented in "Das Auge des Cipactli" (The Eye of Cipactli) a movie by Werner Sander presented in various cinemas in Germany.


1993 / May  


"Die Teilung"   (The Division)
Performance for 5 prisoners and their death-angel in the German state prison Ziegenhain/Germany.



1992 / December  


"Germania trauert"  (Germania is mourning)
An action against hating foreigners, Homberg/Germany



1992 / August  


"Die Jüngerinnen und Jünger im Kraftwerk"  (Jesus´ male and female disciples in a power station)
Happening in a deserted power plant.
Exhibited: Atelier Am Tanzplatz Homberg/Germany


1992 / March  


"Herr J. beim Bodybuilding"   (Mr. J. does Bodybuilding)
14 stations of Jesus crossway presented in Marco´s Fitness Studio, Homberg/Germany.
Exhibited: Art-Gallery Stal Gal Borken/Germany and many other places.



1991 / June  


"Mensch Muskel Maschine"  (Men Muscle Machine)
Body-Performance in a pub in Homberg/Germany, with music by Maurice Ravel.



1991 / February  


Body - Performance (a political stageplay) performance in Marcos Bodystudio Homberg (Germany)



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