2017 / August



A landart-project combined with a laser-installation. From the portrait of Luther on a field (30.000 m2) goes a powerfull beam of green light to the castle of Homberg/Efze, the germ cell of the town and from there to the church, in which 1526 reformation for Hesse was concluded.
Idea, planning, organisation: Hans-Joachim Bauer; conducting the survey: Detlev Paasch; technics: Erhard Schröder; laser: Firma Laserperformance Berlin.

2014 / Juni


"Digitaler Sinn"(digital brain)

Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany). "Ein leiser Sinnesparcour" (a low path of thinking). Theme: The grave as in interface between biological death and digital immortality. The Text on the QR-Code (voice): "First the immortality, all other things can wait.

In cooparation with Carmen Prelle (Foto Carmen Prelle)

2013 / December


"El Barranco"(The Canyon)

(Installation , co-operation with Carmen Prelle)

In the Viznar-Canyon (near Granada, Spain) the Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) was killed by Falangists. The installation is in remembrance of his life and death. A young tree was decorated with pictures and words printed on postcards. Front pages: fotos showing the poet and some poems and drawings. Back-pages: QR-Code (voice) which can be scanned with a smartphone. Then you can listen to the first stanza of Lorca`s poem "Romance de la Guardia Civil espanola"


2013 / September


"Evolution Civilisation Digitalisation"

Theme: Transhumanism A symbolic presentation of the human evolution: Spiral (Evolution), Rectangle (Civilisation), Wave/Impulses (Digitalisation) Size appr. 40.000 m², Plants: mustard, the project was done by Erhard Schröder with his tractor/sowing machine.

FOTO Hermann Lindekamm
2013 / August


"for ever ON" (functional variant)

Theme: Transhumanism Topic: The grave as an interface between biological death and digital immortality On the future grave of the landart-artist Hans-Joachim Bauer, a QR-Code was installed. Visitors can scan the code and read the artist`s message.

FOTO Carmen Prelle
2013 / July


"IT is waiting for a message from Dschingis Khan"

Theme: Transhumanism Topic: The digital overcoming of impossibility IT (a chimara) is waiting to communicate with Dschingis Khan who died in 1227.

FOTO Rolf Mänken
2013 / June


"for ever ON" (symbolic variant)

Theme: Transhumanism Topic: The grave as an interface between biological death and digital immortality I want my brain being scanned on a mind file. After my funeral I will be able to exist on the web, there I can act, organize my digital life and communicate with the real world. When visitors will come to visit my grave I will talk to them.

FOTO Carmen Prelle
2013 / January


Growing Forgetfulness

Snow on basalt
2012 / May


LA FUERZA DEL PODER (The power of will)
The project symbolizes - by using stones and plants- the recent history of Cuba. The fight for freedom, the revolutionaries and the independence of the country. My thanks go to the Ministerio de Cultura, La Habana; the Cuban Embassy in Berlin, to the dirctor of culture Alexis Triana in Holguin/Cuba and all those who helped me to make this work.


2012 / April


This is another project concerning GLOBAL WARMING (compare: "En el cemiterio de los tempanos" 2007 and "Conferencia de clima" 2010) "Klimakonferenz 2.0" shows the efforts of mankind to stop this process. The glaciers are melting and the human race is marking time. The video is on youtube/landartbauer. My thanks go to Worldclassstudios and the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykjavik for supporting this work. The video was taken at the glacierlake Jökullsarlon and the glacier Svinafellsjökull in Iceland.

2011 / December


WHEAT (High Frequency Trade)
The HUDSON RIVER TRADING LLC in New York is a company, that trades in securities and commodities. The most important employee is a supercomputer, who is able to recognize trends on global markets within split seconds, and he offers recommendations to sell or to buy. The boss of HRT Kemal Rogers, who has to accept or to reject the proposals of his computer, is on Tuesday 27. december 2011 in Morocco. At 12.03 h he is visiting the famous market place Gjemaa el Fna in Marrakech.

Here he finds himself among jugglers, fortune-tellers, snake charmers and traders.

At 12.32 h he receives on his mobile a coded message . The computer recommends the sale of wheat - stored away in Canada- sales price 6,72 million dollars, expected profit 1,03 million dollars. Time for decision-making not more than 150 seconds. Rogers acknowledges the receipt of the message by sending his present geographical position : North 31/37/39, West 7/59/48 which is checked by the computer right away.

Roger is continuing his walk…and after 102 seconds he confirms the deal at the Gjemaa el Fna by transmitting his present position: North 31/37/31, West 7/59/21.

Photos Project "WHEAT" Carmen Prelle

2010 / October


The ground-plan of the Oracle of Delphi in Greece was partly transfered onto a part of the desert Sahara (Erg Oriental, Tunisian).The Wholy Way (Via Sacra) goes from the entrance to the Apollon altar, and 9 points of this way were navigated with a GPS-receiver (eTrexH, Garmin enterprise). My thanks go to Mohamed Chine, who guided me carefully into the area of Tembain, and to Carmen Prelle for her help measuring the ground-plan and for the photo

2010 / October


POWROT DYWANU (The carpet returns home)
My father- as a soldier of the German army- invaded Poland in 1939. From there he brought back a carpet (sold? robbed?) In 2010 I brought it back to Poland, and some students of the college "Tadeusz Kosciusko" in Lobzenica/Poland helped me to bury it into the earthwork POLSKA (made 2009, see POLSKA earthwork). My thanks go to Gabriela Kwiatkowska for organizing and translating the event.

2010 / March


This landart-project took place on the Lake Serrano, Patagonia/Chile. A swimming iceberg (appr. 5x3x2 m) was tugged back to the glacier by a boat. My thanks go to the enterprise Serrano Adventura : Mr. Edmundo Martinez, Arnoldo Gonsalez, Jonny Paredes for the perfect organisation and the skilled manoeuvre of the zodiac. To Mr. Victor Alvarez of the shiping-company "21 de Mayo" for the complex logistics and last but not least to the Gobierno de Chile, Ministerio de Agricultura (Conaf) for the permission to carry out this projekt in "El Parque National de Bernardo O'Higgins".

2009 / September


"POLSKA" (Earthwork)
Created during the meeting of artists "Malva 2009" in Luchowo (Poland). Height as succes, depth as humilation, depth combined with narroness as persecution and extermination. Size: 24x4x3 metres
2008 / November


"LAFUGA DE LAS OVEJAS" (sheep are escaping)
A landart-project as part of the international exhibition (Germany, Chile, Argentina)GUNTHER PLÜSCHOW by G.Ehlers and I.Gaa in the museum Bories, Puerto Bories, Chile. Organized and promoted by the German Goethe-Institut, Santiago/Chile and the enterprise McLean, Puerto Natales, Chile.
2008 / June


The TITANIC in her original shape 270 metres long and 28 m wide emerges in a cornfield. You can see the upper deck , which is growing out of the soil, with the four funnels and its buildungs. On 7.June 2008 Performance "The Night to remember" with 705 participants.

2007 / December


A symbolic presentation of the gen-manipulated bacteria Pseudomonas Syringae (it will not be able to produce ice-cristals any more). Realised with ice of the melting glacier Serrano in the Parque National Bernardo O´Higgins, Patagonia/Chile.

2007 / September


"Dir Einladung" (The Invitation)
Sculpture in process, three steps.Made out of hay, balled up in white and green foil. Technical assistance farmer Günter Simon. Place: Großropperhausen (Germany)

2006 / December


Pebbles on soil with chair, Mardorf (Germany)

2006 / January


The disappearance of the dualistic ego (Kamakura Beach, Japan)

2005 / November


"STEINSCHIFF BLAU" (Stoneship Blue)
Eight Tons of basal painted blue on the ARS NATURA X8a, ordered by the administration of Bad Zwesten (Germany)

2005 / October


(Las Penitas, Fuerteventura, Spanien)

2005 / August


"ERDLIED" (Earthsong)
The brown soil of field turns into a song.

2004 / November


"The Excursion of Mister Stefansson and his Sweethaert to the Vatnajökull Glacier (Genetic Footprints)"
Landart-Project on the ice of the Vatnajökull / Svinafellsjökull glacier (Iceland) supported by the Association Of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykyavik (Iceland).

2004 / Mai  


"Bonifatius´ Reue" (Bonifatius´ regret)
Lying stone sculpture (a stony hand) made of white stones and out of it grows an oak-tree), situated on the ARS NATURA (artpath), Fritzlar (Germany)


2004 / April  


The most important sanctuary of the German tribe the Chatten was called Mattium. Mattium was distroyed 15 a.C. by the romans. Where is that mysterious plays? Nobody knows. Now Mattium has been "discovered". Earth relief 150 x 100 m on the Mardorf-Artfield, Homberg-Mardorf (Germany).


2001 / August  


"Die Weisse Frau"  (The White Woman)
Object made out of wood, lime and silk for the ARS NATURA PATH round the old castle Heiligenberg near Gensungen/Germany.
Video by W. Sander, Walking above Horizons. ARS NATURA

2001 / Mai  


"HIRNWEIDE"  (Brain Meadow)
Cows are eating up men, a personal statement to the BSE-disease, Mardorf/Germany.


2000 / September  


Earth-relief with performance for the Bertelsmann-Foundation in Gütersloh/Germany, was presented at the world conference of teachers in Oberaula/Germany.



2000 / May  


Landart-project in Mardorf/Germany, symbolizing a concentration camp (KZ), made with brown earth and yellow flowers, dedicated to the Holocaust Museum in St. Louis/USA.
Various tv-reports.


1999 / May  


"Universum der Kinder"  (Children´s Universe)
Children are planting their universe, a happening with a kindergarten at the EXPO-project Licherode/Germany.



1998 / September  


"Musik   Liebe Tod"  (Music Love Death)
3 landart-projects created for the stage play "Orpheus" directed by W. Sander at the castle of Wallenstein/Germany.



1998 / April  


"Hasenjagd"  (Hare-Hunting)
An earth-relief crossing the German motorway A7 near Melsungen/Germany.
Various tv-reports, published in in Bernd Heintze, Blick aus den Wolken (Germany watched from the sky), Augsburg/Germany 1998.


1997 / May  


Earth relief (together with Werner Krauss) for "Bread for the World" Stuttgart/Germany.



1997 / Januar  


"Die Blaue Kirche"  (The Blue Church)
Illumination of a sunken church on ice. Part of the project: "Berich comes to the surface again" working together with H. Peterova, W. Sander and K. L. Adam, Waldeck/Germany.
Exhibited: Church Neu-Berich/Germany.
Tv-report and a film by M. Aschenbrenner; "Über Berich", Kassel/Germany.


1996 / July  


"Mattium II" (The Blue Mountain)
Painting stones in a quarry, symbolizing a fight of Romans against Germans 15 AC.
Exhibited: International Exhibition "Blue as a Cultural Bridge" in Kiel/Germany 1997.


1995 / June  


"Schwalm - Stadt"  (Schwalm-Town)
Landart-project connecting land, water and history, Treysa/Germany



1994 / 1995 /1996  


3 landart-projects for the Kultursommer in Hesse
Part 1: 1994 "God" (with sunflowers)
Part 2: 1995 "Man" (earth relief)
Part 3: 1996 "Pax"  (white mustard plants)
Exhibited: International-www-Art Gallery of the German Broadcasting Station WDR,
Cologne/Germany 1995/96, CBS-Art Gallery Schwalmstadt/Germany 2000.
Tv-reports and published in various newspapers and magazines.



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